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12 Pack Eco-Friendly Reusable Mesh Produce Bags

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So many uses!  These bags are great for storing food, organizing toys (think plastic blocks) and packing clothes for a trip.

Picture how easy it would be to organize your counter or refrigerator with these.  Keep different fruits and veggies conveniently together.  Or at the supermarket, when you'd usually use the cheap plastic bags on the roll.

Also picture using them to pick up and organize toys before you step on them.  15 bags of various sizes gives you a lot of options.

Single use plastic grocery bags are filling our landfills, take generations to decompose, and are becoming a thing of the past. These reusable produce bags are easily washable and durable, reducing your individual impact on the environment.

These bags come with 3 large, 6 medium, and 3 small in each package.




  • High durability means it will be a long time before you need to spend money on more.
  • Easy to wash and easy to carry.  Their low weight makes packing them for a shopping trip easy.
  • 100% Money-back guarantee means you can buy these knowing that if you don't like them, you can get a full refund. 


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