Our Story

Waste Less Green is on a mission to help everybody take small steps to reduce their environmental impact.  We realize that change doesn't happen all at once and that massive change can seem overwhelming.  By breaking it down into small steps and getting enough people to take those small steps, together, we'll make a difference.  

As an incentive to take these steps, we choose products that are innovative and valuable to a customer.  Something to make their lives easier.  Sometimes reusable means a little more upfront, but it reduces or eliminates many repeat purchases, plus you get a feature benefit to yourself.

We use extensive research before choosing any product to add to our store.  We want to ensure they hold up to real life use and give you the value you expect.  The result is an offering of products that fit our vision.

No one person can save the environment themselves, but all of us can take small steps to do our part.